For ages people have blocked their intuition and their inner voice, “going with the flock” instead of going with the flow. Thsi has resulted in suffering, sleep deprivation and the feeling of emptyness and lack of purpose for most of those who lost touch with their inner voice.
It is now time to revive that voice and bring forth your soul’s mission and gifts.
As a woman, this might be reconnecting to your feminine power.
As a man, it might me re-centering in your intuitive side.
When we say “feminine healing”, we dont only refer to women. We’ve all been hurt and the feminine energy flow has been disrupted in many of us, regardless of the gender.It’stime to heal that!
In that note, we’re preparing a feminine healing retreat  in South of France starting December 4 until December 6. Visiting some of the most beautiful places where Mary Magdalene and other fabulous feminine energies are dwelling. Retreat with meditation,portal opening,pranic nourishment, feminine energy healing (men welcomed also), talk on tantra and so much more.
Attendance fee for the retreat is 222 E *. To confirm participation and book your place send this amount at Paypal
Children are welcomed to this retreat. Free entrance for children below 12, 50% for children and adolescents up tp 18.
Stay tuned and contact for details. Book your flights for Nice and contact for details.
*The attendance fee only includes participation to the meditations, workshops and sightseeing journeys during the retreat.
To book rooms and trensportation contact