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Pranic Consciousness Summit – Online Event

Have you heard of people having fabulous discoveries in the spiritual science? As we traveled and met many of them, and also practiced this lifestyle, we now present you their perspective and answers on how a shift in consciousness is possible.

Sexual Energy Healing/Dan Tien Healing – Free Online Wokshop

Would you like to get rid of fatigue and feel energized ?Would you like to find the key to self-confidence and limitless energy? Would you like to be healthier and enhance your sexuality? The Sexual Energy Healing/Dan Tien Healing - Free Online Wokshop has been designed to offer answers and share wisdom on how to...


Dear friends, am happy to announce that the next PRANIC FESTIVAL starts on August 15, 2017 in Romania! We're now planning a 4 day festival in a fabulous mountain area of Romania (Sambata de Sus), and also the possibility to visit other Romanian energetic areas (energy vortexes) after the festival. During the Festival we...

The Trip Of The Sun – August 2017


Dear friends,

We invite you to this beautiful sacred energetic tour to some of the most important energy centers in Romania, right after the Pranic Festival.
 As we have worked with and enjoyed these beautiful sacred places, we felt called to now form a group of those familiar to these activities who feel called to come recharge and tune into more energy portals in the mountains.
Meditation with Cristiana Eltrayan, portal opening and many exercises are available during the tour.
The tour is imprinted by the energies of Isis, Magdalene, Mother Mary and other sacred divine beings working with and protecting these places.We will travel through amazing mountain areas of Romania and visit pilgrimage places an sacred sits with beautiful energy portals in Transilvania.

Along the road we tune in to the beautiful energies, find out more about the Pre-Christian Sun worshiping places we visit and the history of an ancient magic civilization that is connected to the greatest sacred civilizations of the world. See short video here: 

Pranic Consciousness Process – LIVE TRAINING

The Pranic Consciousness  Process is the ultimate energy and physical detox that brings you more in contact to your Prana Source. What do you enjoy during the Process: you  spend 9 days in nature, basking in the best prana streams of the Romanian mountains ; you learn to detox your physical bodies using fresh juices, plants and...

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SUCCESUL CA STIL DE VIATA este un set de invataturi care ne arata cum putem dobandi echilibrul intre corp-emotii-minte-suflet, astfel incat sa avem succes si echilibru pe toate planurile . Programul este compus din 11 workshop-uri saptamanale cu durata medie de 1h30, in care discutam si exemplificam fiecare dintre aceste metode de crestere a fortei interioare si imbunatatire a vietii.


Maybe you have felt and experienced the depths and boons of spirituality, but how would it feel if you experienced it’s softness? How would you feel to have a life nourished by grace and support, where everything falls into place and things just flow in synchronicity and joy?

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